Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve

Proudly Owned By The Friends Of The Porongurup Range

Part of the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group/Ranges Link Project, Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve is located on the plain between the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges.

Twin Creeks is one of the few remaining protected bush properties in the agricultural valley and only partially cleared when it was a farm.

The reserve is currently a mixture of remnant bush, revegetation, and regrowth. Remarkable floral diversity and specific habitats for fauna thrive in the varied soil types across the Reserve.

From the sheoak groves, to the Wandoo and Yate open forest, the flooded ironstone heath, Jarrah/Marri uplands to the ancient Dryandra and Balga thicket, the landscape is rich in biodiversity.

Friends of the Porongurup Range, a volunteer not-for-profit organisation, purchased the 511ha property in 2003. Twin Creeks is now used as a base for conservation and scientific activities and to share with the public who are welcome to visit this unique reserve.

Conservation Projects include on-ground activities to rehabilitate the soil and restore native plant species, dieback management and surveys to monitor changes in conditions, habitat and populations of local fauna.

Bird data is collected to monitor numbers, behavior and preferred habitat. The surveys are conducted with assistance from Birdlife Australia, CCWA and volunteers.

Please leave comments in the visitor book to enable us to improve the visitor experience at the Reserve.

Out of respect for the native fauna, camping, dogs, horse riding and bikes are not permitted.

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