Porongurup National Park

Over One Million Years Old!

Backbone to the Porongurup locality is the ancient and unique Porongurup Range (Porongurups) located within the Porongurup National Park. So make sure you have your National Park pass available at the Mount Barker Visitor Centre.

Porongurups is the oldest mountain range in the world, formed from rocks that are over one billion years old. This ancient forest island is home to towering granite peaks, majestic strands of karri trees, numerous walks and climbs of various grades, breath taking views and a rich diversity of fauna and flora, with over 750 species of plants, including 55 species of orchids.

Raising to 670 meters above sea level, the Porongurup National Park covers an area of  2,511 hectares (6,204 acres).

The name Porongurup is derived from “Purringorep”, the local Noongar Aboriginal name for meeting place.

Walks in the Porongurups

Preparation and Survival – The walks are of varying grades, the weather can change quickly and park passes are required. Make sure you assess the walks and pace yourself in accordance with your fitness and health, wear and take appropriate clothing, footwear and sunscreen, don’t overload yourself and take plenty of water. Please DO NOT rely on mobile phones for communication as coverage is scarce at best in this area.