Mount Lindesay National Park

Linking The Great Southern To The South West

From the summit of Mount Lindesay 385m above sea level you get dramatic views of Denmark’s coastline, farmland and the Walpole Wilderness. To the west you can see the peaks of Mount Roe, Mount Mitchell and Mount Frankland. To the east, Mount Manypeaks and the Stirling and Porongorup ranges are the dominant points on the horizon.

Mount Lindesay is home to many unique species of plants. Around the base a fringe of jarrah and marri gives way to lower vegetation growing in the shallow soil deposits that collect on the granite rock. The range of soils enables a variety of magnificent wildflowers to grow here. The wildflowers are at their best in late spring but there are plants in bloom all year round. Keep a look out for the many species of orchids that grow here.

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