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Mike Thorn – Mountain Man

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Mike Thorn - Mountain Man

Mike Thorn – Mountain Man

Mountain Country is where I belong and its been my life’s calling for as long as I can remember. I was brought to these mountains as a small child and they filled me with wonder, adventure and excitement. That feeling is still with me.

I have raised a family, had a business career in Perth and travelled the world. I now run Thorns Mountain Retreat in the heart of the Porongurup Range. We have 2 guest cottages on an incredibly scenic property next to the Porongurup National Park. For over 30 years we have been welcoming people here. The freedom to roam in nature is what they come for.

My deep connection to country has inspired many interests. Aerial photography and grand adventures with my hang glider, making walking sticks from local timber, furniture from wine barrels, art creations, guiding people to secret places nearby and playing social cricket on our cricket field to name a few. Much of my time is involved in volunteering with Mount Barker Tourism so we can bring messages from the mountains to all those who seek inspiration and connection.

Micheal’s Favourites

Top 5 experiences in Mountain Country

  1. Flying with wedge tail eagles above the Stirlings in my hang glider.
  2.  Sitting under our huge pine tree having a wine with friends and watching the sun set over the western Stirlings.
  3. Sharing the experience of a forest walk where we walk in silence for a while so we can really be present and soak it up.
  4. Playing social cricket on our cricket ground next to the mountains.
  5. Walking to a local peak and sending out a cooee across the valley.

Top 5 Experiences for everyone else!

  1. The ridgetop hike along Morgan’s View, Nancy Peak and Hayward Peak on a balmy day.
  2. A firetrail stroll amongst the magnificent valley of Karri from Waddys hut at the end of Wansbrough Drive.
  3. Driving along Spring Road enjoying the cathedral of trees that arch over the road. 
  4. Sitting in the car park at Bluff Knoll watching the cloud roll off the summit like a white waterfall
  5. Driving to the lookout on Mt Barker Hill and gazing at Mountain Country.

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