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Harry Rout – Mountain Photographer

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Harry Rout - Photographer

Harry Rout – Mountain Photographer

Hello, my name is Harry Rout, I am 18 and I have lived in Mount Barker for 4 years. I have a high interest in photography which mainly started 2 years ago. I bought a camera and self-taught myself how to use it. From there I have gained experience through trial and error and learnt from my mistakes.

Throughout the 2 years of this hobby, it has led me to regular exploring of new spots and places. I have fallen in love with the Stirling Range, which is where I love to take most of my photos. I have climbed all 6 peaks multiple times, in all sorts of conditions. Camping in caves for sunrise to capture low lying clouds, chasing cold fronts to experience snow, staying back to capture the sun go down and capturing the milky way glisten at night.

I have found an eye for detail and try to see things from different perspectives whether that is on the ground or in the sky. I love to go to hard to reach places, pushing my comfort zone, chasing the thrill and adventure of what our region offers.

Harry’s Favourites:

Top 5 Experiences in Mountain Country:
1. Snow fall on top of Bluff Knoll
2. Sunrise at the top of Mt Toolbrunup
3. Nancy Peak Loop to Devil’s Slide in the Porongurups
4. Sunset from Mt Trio
5. Exploring Mt Talyuberlup’s Pillars

Top 5 local facts:
1. Porongurup and Stirling Ranges are one of the oldest mountain formations
2. Snow is quite common for the Stirling Range. It has even been recorded in the Porongurups before
3. There is a huge amount of rock climbing spots throughout the Stirlings and Porongurups
4. There are 2 ridge walks in the Stirling Range
5. Cloud blankets in the Stirling Range occurs with high humidity in the morning


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